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Okarthel (MAP) is a large continent seperated into 6 Kingdoms, ruled by the Dwarves, Dragonborn, Human, Elves, Teiflings, and Eldrian. Within each kingdom there lies 1 Capital and at least 2 cities (Human, Elf, and Eldrian have 3) for a total of 15 Cities. Cities are large but visually they dont they are primitive in structure. The Capitals however, are grand in scale and a magnificient magical wonder. While all the captials are different they all share a core design that is similar, clearly built by something more than the races that inhabit them now. There are also many small towns within in each kingdom but too small to note.

Notable Differences:

Dragons: They are told in stories as monsters, believed to be gods, and overall known to be myths. For dragons they are just that, for no one has ever seen one.

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