For these last 999 years there has been an oddly stable peace between these 6 Kingdoms, each ruled by one of the “Core” races (Humans, Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Eladrin, and Tiefling). Recorded History only goes back this far, when the “Core” races unified control and peace began. Each races version of this story differs but the commonality between them is that a great hero, referred to as “The Guardian”, sacrificed himself to bring the races together and create a sustainable peace.

The other slightly civilized races include Deva, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, & Shifter. Some live in the cities but most live in small towns or villages and while some are civilized there are still many who live like savages.

Dragonborn Story (Short Version)

He was a divine Paladin of Bahamut that died in a great battle killing a Demon that was destroying the land and corrupting the world.

Human Story (Short Version)

He was a wise Sorcerer that drew upon so much power that he exploded in a force that wiped out an approaching army of evil from across the sea, leaving the land safe to prosper.

Elf Story (Short Version)

She was a spiritual Druid that gave herself over to Okarthel, body and spirit, to heal the world and stop a devastation that would of destroyed everyone.

Dwarf Story (Short Version)

He was an inspiring Warlord that rallied the Core races together in an epic war against an evil group called the Vraktor; consisting of the Drow, Orc, Githyanki, Githzerai, Naga, and Yuan-Ti. He died in battle but not before killing each of the leaders.

Tiefling Story (Short Version)

She was a courageous Cleric that sacrificed herself in a ritual to stop a pandemic plague that was wrecking the worlds creatures.

Eladrin Story (Short Version)

She was a powerful Warlock that fought a God back into the Astral Sea trapping it and herself to stop it from wiping out the land to start anew.

Non Core Races

Most of these races either don’t bother themselves with the past (or don’t care), adopt a theory from where they live, or just stick to a basic understanding of god and creation.


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